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17 December 2009 @ 03:09 pm
soon is going to be x-mas and new year. as some people do, they make plans what they're going to do next year.
This year I piled myself work, a dreamy list for editing.
some were done, but biggest part - no XD
and on top of that there are pictures added in here.

too long for f-list, so cutCollapse )
///will continue
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04 October 2009 @ 08:24 pm
since the last time I posted. It was in June???
And it's October now.
I should be shamed of myself, but I don't feel that way, since I wasn't on the roll for wallpapers and had work so I wasn't fired up about PS.
though it's Autumn now, I don't wanna promise anything, I noticed lately when I promise to do something and state the date, it never happens that way. So be careful about planning.

Though as a tired of work person I had strength to visit some sites which are related to animes I watch or manga I read, so I got a new bunch of wallapapers I still don't use but they're awesome XDD I'm still hanging with KHR golden logo since it looks cool.

Title /:/ Until Death Do Us Part (UDDUP)
Type /:/ manga
OHP /:/ Square Enix' Young Gangan download page(scroll down a bit), Special site (three sizes 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960)
(from special site)
one of the coolest manga for me, at least Double-S, the artist for this manga has awesome skills. He's a Korean btw and has a blog.

Title /:/ Cencoroll
Type /:/ anime
OHP /:/ link (sizes 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1024x768)

the simpliest wallpaper ever, which has main chara - Cenco. but I'm truly anticipating release of Cencoroll on DVD at the end of October. It's one of non commercial animes, youtube for trailers.

Title /:/ Summer wars
Type /:/ anime
OHP /:/ link (sizes 1680x1050, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600)

most anticipated anime of this year, trailers made my hope up so much, I can't even tell you

Title /:/ Asian Kung-fu generation
Type /:/ oops a band XD
OHP /:/ my one of very favorite bands, one of the members does the graphic for CD covers of their releases, as I've heard but didn't di too much since I had my reasons, and they have them done as wallies, I think designs are interesting

so I don't put too much info since we're here not for discussing anime/manga, but I do recommend searching info on these, will to read/watch can always be inspired by special they try to lure you with XD

gotta get back in graphic world ;_;
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14 June 2009 @ 02:25 pm
Please, feel some joy, the same as I feel. Soon Aya will finally be back on track, because there is only one week of examination period left. My summer will come and of course new projects/wallpaper batches will be done.

But as for now, let's see what so special some sites got.
As many people may know, Aya is a big fan of manga, mostly shounen manga and I feel really pleased when I find wallpapers done from original art, when Aya doesn't need to apply her mad magical skills to edit.

Title : Defense Devil
Author / Artist : Youn In-Wan / Yang Kyung-Il
Published in : Shounen Sunday
Link : Shounen Sunday Downloads page

Size : 1280 x 1024
Size : 1024 x 768

New great manga btw (status: 9 chapter & ongoing), interesting plot, great art.

Title : Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden
Author / Artist : Amano Youichi / Amano Youichi
Published in : Weekly Jump
Link : Weekly Jump Downloads page

Size : 1280 x 960

Another new series, but from Weekly Jump. I hope it will live long xD But I don't want it to overjump Psyren.
Get the 1024 x 768 on Jump's Download page

Title : Switch
Author / Artist : naked ape
Published in : Naked Ape OHP
Link : n/a

Size : 1280 x 960

Switch is one of Naked Ape's famous manga. Though Naked Ape is also known as a dj circle.
Whatever xD Switch is licenced, so I've never finished reading it ke-ke-ke..but the art is somewhat epic.
Those who think different shut it.
Helps to learn boundries of textures use.

Title : Zombie Loan
Author / Artist : Peach Pit
Published in : Peach Pit OHP
Link : Peach-Pit special page

all in 1280 x 1024 size

Lot to learn just from simple pictures. Ornaments are amazing.
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19 May 2009 @ 11:00 pm
I never said that this journal will be filled with my works only.
Imo, this is how wallpapers with person should look like, just a professional photo with addition of few stuff.

If you have no idea, alan is a Japanese/Chinese female singer of Tibetan origin signed on avex trax label (same as ayumi hamasaki, aaa, kumi koda and other pop titans) but is completely different from them.
to put it simple = alan sukidayo XD

These wallpapers are official and taken from her official website. So if you never heard her and got interested in the cute face, please go and visit *aya walking commercial*
Actually they are good photos of her singles covers.

1600 x 1200, 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768

couldn't keep myself from saving it here :D
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11 May 2009 @ 09:32 pm
I don't like to throw out my old stuff so that's why my hard disk is filled with load of old stuff 8'D and looking through it from time to time gives me big lols.
Some of these are really old (and have links to my old accounts, yeah if you didn't know I've changed 3 accounts before settling on kickinass_aya), I only started to use Photoshop back then and couldn't do much tricks (it's not the entire batch, it would be aya's humilliation in her own eyes fi posting all the stuff 8'D)
I can't use these anymore, since my display is 1280 x 800 now..he-he

okay, let's start ke-ke-ke

Band: 12012
Name: Miyawaki Wataru
Position: vocals
Band: 12012
Name: Miyawaki Wataru
Position: vocals
Band: 12012
Name: Miyawaki Wataru
Position: vocals

I love Wataru a lot, this love lasts for years now XD But this doesn't change the fact that wallpapers of that period were really stuffed, but I still find them pretty for some reason 8'D
Japanese Rock WitheredCollapse )
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11 May 2009 @ 01:23 pm
Before I spam this journal with another 2 posts (containing very LOLish old wallpapers and tutorial for kohai cleaners) I wanna share some news with you.

  1. My muse is temporary dead, so I couldn't produce any wallpapers for a while, so I hope those who wait for Varia wallpapers already forgot aout them.
  2. I'm loaded with uni work, so no wonder I lost my inspiration for a while.
  3. I still have scan cleaning job 8D
  4. And last, but not least. After few incidents involving non-credited use of edited scan from akamaru book, from now on wallpaper batches will be posted in two variants: Auditory Version, Member Version. About them lower.

Member Version will include:
- full number of wallpapers created for the batch;
- Bonuses like: cleaned scans (in .psd format), edited scans(HQ)
- I will treat you with candies and love you can't even imagine if you won't break few rules being a member XD

Rules for members:
- all wallpapers are for personal use only;
- no file renaming;
- no reposting in any other places or resources, link to this place if you want to share with anyone;
- usage of edited/cleaned scans is allowed, I will be glad to see your results, but don't forget to credit;
- membership is now moderated, so think well before joining (if you join and then leave, you won't be able to turn back, yeah, it's a threat)))

Auditory Version will include:
- minimum of wallpapers created for the batch;
- Bonuses like: edited scans (smaller version)

Rules for auditory:
- all wallpapers are for personal use only;
- no file renaming;
- no reposting in any other places or resources, link to this place if you want to share with anyone;
- if you're okay with Auditory version, but want to follow wallpaper releases, just add community to your "Watch" list or wait for updates in communities where I post.

It's not that I'm super greedy, but I don't see any sense in sharing stuff like PSD files in communities, these are sources I produce myself for people who can use them.
I know that number of people who will download the batch is greater than those who will comment (statistic doesn't lie) and I don't want to accidently find people who didn't credit anymore (those who were in same situation will understand me). That is why, those who want to become a member should understand this.
21 April 2009 @ 01:00 am
to tell the truth, I really gonna die from exhaustion. The reason is (I told you before) Aya does scan cleaning job. That's why I didn't have much time, but I don't care, I'm gonna lazy around this week and free some space for doing wallpapers. I'm not saying this only to you, but for myself, because I can be a really honest kid and start working again, but with this tempo, I'm going to die young xDDD

on to do list:
  • huge "leftovers" (everyone start laughing here) from Katekyo hitman Reborn. I remember I still wanted to make Squalo wallie and others (Squ is awesome, I'm starting to see Squ x Yama XDD)
  • DOGS. three manga moments with Badou, three action scenes, one Haine & Badou wallpaper, one Naoto, one Nill, one Giovanni (check Gio's kitty aya made) and one with Bishop...it's a huge list, ne?

    so far I'm centered on these two. But I'm a bit lost what to do except from them. I'd like to hear some opinions if someone will see this XD I bet you won't

    But I have a bonus today. Since I can't upload images from my laptop at the moment (though I never can o_o), it'll be a bit of hotlinking, sorry.
    Made by SunlilyQ (on aarinfantasy), she's the one who did the banner for current aarinfantasy site, but I kinda liked those wallpapers of hers and asked for permission to show them to you xDD
    here we go:

    do you recognize the scan? yeah, it's the one aya edited 8'D )
    and one more with Mukuro:

    I guess everyone can recognize it if they're constant hitman_reborn visitors.
    For a grunge ass like me, texture is something that I always use. Imo texture sometimes makes from a simple picture something even greater than the original.
    I'm giving list of links to people whose textures I keep for work.

    Most part of them is from deviantart.com (I don't know if not registered users can browse, not to mention downloading). I'll be giving user's links only, don't be lazy to browse yourself.

    hibbary (also see her tutorial how to dye paper, really interesting)))
    T_a_g_g_e_r | Resurgere | borysses | JRMB_Stock | Dragonluver22 | nighty stock
    chokingonstatic | emothic stock | MidnightCraze | struckdumb | bashcorpo | night fate stock
    mademoiselle phoenix | Isthar art | wojtar stock | akinna stock | RoxStock | SheisprettyStock
    GeneralVyse | zeke ulrich | JakezDaniel | alfastock | The Dana | Babybird Stock
    vhbc stock | Sirius sdz | remidica stock | umerr2000 (умирр))) | Myruso



    with texture

    without texture

    plain spots

    red spots

    bonus in 3 colours

    contents! wallpapers
    resolution! 1638x1024 (for cropping); 1280x800; 1024x768;
    credits! original art: Miwa Shirow;
    manga: DOGS: Bullets & Carnage
    01: with texture
    1638 x 1024; 1280 x 800
    02: without texture
    1638 x 1024; 1280 x 800
    03: plain spot
    1280 x 800; 1024 x 768
    04: red spot
    1280 x 800; 1024 x 768
    05: Bonus
    1280 x 800 (red rust); 1280 x 800(violet); 1280 x 800(dirty grey bege)

    ♥ Comments are nice, if taking
    ♥ No reposting on sites like Animepaper or Minitokyo. this is a FREE wallpaper
    ♥ Claiming as yours is also forbidden (trust me, I check from time to time)
    ♥ x-posted in dogs_manga
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